Huge achievement: Saina

August 30, 2017



Reminisces about her interaction with Gopi Chand

Will the big guns of Indian badminton, both players and coaches, work together soon?

“When something has to happen, it is bound to happen. The only thing is you have to work really hard. Let’s wait and see,” Saina Nehwal, who won a bronze medal at the recent World Championships, told The Hindu on Tuesday.

“We (she and chief national coach Gopi Chand) discussed a lot about the final. I can understand the kind of feelings Gopi Sir would have gone through during that match. I have not seen such a final with so many rallies and so intensely fought till the end,” she said.

“We share a lot of fond memories. We all know how he has helped me win so many titles and the Olympic bronze medal,” said Saina.

Fond memories

“Those are great memories which we recalled in Glasgow. We spoke a lot about those good times when we had an amazing run,” elaborated Saina.

“This is the golden era of Indian badminton and it is all about teamwork now. In every major tournament, you come across players and coaches like Vimal sir, Gopi sir, Mulyo and Kim Tan Her. There are no inhibitions to seek help from anyone of them,” felt Saina.

“Those were the days when I felt everything was going right for me (under Gopi).

“Then, there was that feeling to improve by going somewhere else. Now, there is a feeling to go to the next level as women’s singles is far more intense now.

“It is important to keep discussing not just with Vimal sir but with anyone else to see how far they can help me,” she said to a query.

Feared player

“Sindhu has improved a lot because of the kind of hard work she has put in over the years. She is a top-class player and a feared one in the circuit,” were Saina’s compliments.

“The bronze is a huge thing, especially coming back after the injuries. I was unseeded for the first time in recent memory and never thought of a medal. My draw was really tough and it was a very emotional moment when I won bronze,” she explained.

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