Hosts Gurugram dominates Swimming Championship’s inaugural day

August 10, 2018


State Swimming Championship marks its entry on Thursday at the famous Hudda Gymkhana Club located in Sector-29 of Gurugram. The first day of the tournament witnessed total 30 events of different categories swimming competitions.

The first day of the event favored players from Gurugram and Faridabad region of the Haryana state. In total five tournaments of the day, Gurugram players attained the top spot. In the 50m backstroke Women category, Devika from group 3 grabbed the top spot.

Group 1 400m men category freestyle competition allowed Khushal Dabbas with the top spot. In Women Category matches of the same category, Panipat’s Khushi was announced as the winner. In 100m backstroke men category Dev Saroha marked his positioning for the top spot.

Group 2 400m Men Category free-style matches Faridabad’s Samiradha Varmani claimed the top position at the podium. 50 m Bress Stroke Men Category announced Keshav Kaushik as the top spot gainer. In Women category, Gurugram’s Devika Bajaj claimed top positioning.

Group 3 In 100m Butterfly Women Category Gurugram’s Kandi Kaishari won the top spot and in Men category event of the same competition, Gurugram’s Karitansh Kapoor attained the top spot.

Group 4 In 50m Butterfly Men category matches Krish Jain grabbed the top spot and in Women category matches of the same category, Vibhuti Luthra claimed the top spot.

Total 800 students from different schools and different parts of Haryana state has registered their entry in the tournament.

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