Here Are Some Tips on How to Keep Your Kids Safe in Swimming Pool

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Water is the most amazing thing in the world, but it can also become ominous hazard. If you are also the one, who have fear of sending the child to play in water or swimming pool. Stop sending them to the pool that have lack of guidance, trainers and safety measures.

With the rise of accidents caused in water, there are many institutes who have got involved in providing training to parents as well as kids. Such training can be useful, if done under certified trainers or institute.

However, with this article, we are going to discuss the possible accidents that usually occur among kids in water and what are the measures that can help overcoming it.

Children and toddlers usually love playing with water. But, due to lack of attention and training, various accidents can take place.

Due to various evidences of drowning or mishappenings among kids, parents are not only the one who have become conscious for the training their child, but also the schools have got involved in training their students.

There are many schools that are training their students with swimming classes. However, some of the schools in small cities have swimming as an optional activity, but some of the metro cities have made it mandatory for its students.

The good news for parents is, not only schools are training the students, but there are many institutes that are offering exclusive swimming classes. So, kids can get enrolled not only in their vacations, but also go under training for a year or more. They can also get certification, who want to get expertise or want to groom their career as a swimmer.

Even training institutes for toddlers have also emerged and gaining popularity. For such classes, kids with age from 1 to 4 years can get enrolled.

Choosing the best institute or trainer for swimming for your child:

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With rise in ongoing trend of engaging the kids in various activities, a plethora of trainers and learning schools have emerged. So, it could be difficult for a parent to choose the best one. Thus, in order to overcome such issue, the best way would be to consult a renowned service provider which have years of experience and good reviews of the customers. Such consulting services can help in identifying and hiring the best services.

Depending on the type of training service, you are hiring, mind the following tips.

  • Professional Institute:

A numerous of swimming institutes have emerged into the marketplace that are offering attractive packages. Being a parent, you need not to get attracted to such packages, instead always remember your kid’s safety.

All you need to check is the certification and years of existence of an institute and the background check. These things should not be checked only for the institute, but also for the trainers associated with it.

  • Trainer:

If you are giving a thought to hire a professional for the training of child at home, better verify the background, certification and experience. If you are hiring the professional from a consultancy, make sure that it is verified and have good reputation. You can also give your presence at the time of classes.

When you are training at home:

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It is not important that you should send your child for professional training, but if you have an excellence within the same, train him/her yourself at home. Although, you could be the master of the pool, but do not go blind with some important safety measures that help your kid to enjoy the session. We have listed a few of them:

  • Even though you are having a shallow pool for the toddler, you still need to keep an eye on him/her. Whenever there is a infant, toddler or small kid within water, make sure the adult is present at the arm’s length who can provide touch supervision.

Once the session gets over, empty or inflate the pool, so that no accident could take place.

  • Keep small bodies of water away from your child’s approach. Theses small bodies could be ditches, bathtubs, rain barrels, fishponds, fountains and watering cans. The reason being, children get attracted towards such things. So make sure, either you empty such bodies or give constant supervision, so that they do not fall or make themselves injured.
  • Do not compromise with life jackets. Usually, people do not employ life jackets, instead they use inflatable toys and mattresses. Such toys can deflate anytime and the kid can slip off to the depth of water.
  • Never let your child to dive at the shallow area of the pool. This can injure the head. In order to avoid such accidents, mark the pool to highlight the shallow and deep ends.
  • Add fences to the backyard swimming pools and inflatable pools above the ground. It is because, such pools have have high risk of drowning of the kids. At least 4 foot high fences should be used that can separate the house from the pool.

Ensure that the fence have self-latching and self-closing gates with the latches at the height of 54 inches. Keep checking the gates from time to time. The most important thing out of all is, the fence should not be so low that child can climb to skip it.

  • Keep all the inflating and other toys out of the pool, when not in use. These can harm the kids.
  • Do not allow kids to run around the pool as they can also push each other.
  • Keep all the safety equipment around the pool. If possible, mount a dedicated phone nearby pool with emergency numbers clearly marked around it.
  • If your child is a toddler or do not know the swimming, make sure that he/she wear the life jacket. Do not forget that lifejacket should perfectly fit to the child and must not have punctures or holes. Also, tie all the belts carefully after your kid wear the jacket.

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  • Pool covers work amazingly to get off all the things that can make the pool dirty. But do not take it for granted as it can also become dangerous, if not removed at the time of swimming. Due to some reasons, it may fall down and can cause suffocation. Additionally, do not allow the kid to walk over the cover of the pool because he/she may fall down, if it is fragile or torned out. You can also avoid using the pool cover, if it have fences.
  • Do not intake alcohol while supervising as you can lose your consciousness and an accident may occur.
  • Always keep off your kids from hot tubs and spas. They can either get injured or drowned. Not only toddlers, but young children should also be prohibited for such activities.
  • Ensure the presence of guardian, if you can’t make yourself available. It might not be possible for you always to give your presence while your child is playing in water or in the swimming pool. In such cases, do not allow them to get in touch with water, but if it becomes necessary, assign another mentor for them.

Also, ensure that the kid comes out of pool in your presence.

  • If your child has recently started the swimming or learned swimming, do not allow to dive into water in your absence. You should either make yourself available when he/she is in water or you can also ask the trainer or other adults of the family to make their availability.
  • Keep the level of water of the pool that suits the best to the kids. Basically, the height of the pool or water should not be so deep that a child could not drown. You can either take the assistance of the professional or you can search the web to find the ideal height of the pool.
  • Do not forget the regular cleaning of the pool. The dirty water can make your child to suffer a skin disease or some other illness.

Keep an eye of the surface of the pool as it should not have any moss over it. It can cause slippery base which can ultimately lead to an accident. You can also add liquid cleaners or equipments that keep the water of the pool clean and toxins free.

  • Mount security cameras all around the pool. This will enable you to track all the activities within the pool even when you cannot make your physical presence available to the kid.

Keep checking from time to time that these cameras are working well and it have flawless access to the display device.

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  • Distractions can also make the child excited while in the pool. This can lead to drowning or other kind of injury. So, remove all such distractions that can create such possibilities. In addition to this, keep yourself also out of distractions like cell phones, etc.
  • Always guide your kids to follow water safety. This can help them to rescue themselves against water threats even in your absence. You can also take the help of professional guide to help your kids to understand the water safety measures.

To make them understand better, you can also use videos as tutorials. Try to enroll them to swimming schools or schools that guide kids with the water safety measures.

  • Do not allow your kids to accompany their friends to a trip near water, if the group do not have any adult or professional swimmer. Sometimes, kids play in absence of any guide and this can lead to accident.
  • If your child is having a keen interest to learn swimming. Do not allow him/her to try on their own. Also, do not train them at home, if you do not have any knowledge of swimming.

Do send them to the professional classes or the institute that have trainers with years of experience and a good reputation in the marketplace. You can also consult the existing customers before enrolling the child.

  • Not every floating object cane keep the child safe. So, never rely on the floating objects. These can deflate anytime and could be hazardous for the life. So, always buy life jackets, tube and other life saving equipment. While buying these equipment, do not compromise with the quality for the sake of saving money. Low quality equipment can cause to accidents as they can deflate anytime.
  • Always check the water temperature before allowing the child to enter the water. Excessive of low temperature and high temperature of water can also cause accidents. Too hot water can injure the child and too cold water can cause health issues. So, always try to keep the temperature of the pool according the climate.

In summers, the water temperature can be kept moderate and in winters, it can be kept lukewarm. You can also cover the pool with the cover as it can help the water to adapt unfavorable temperature from the surroundings. Moreover, can also help in keeping the water safe from dust and other foreign bodies. covering the pool.

  • Always teach your child, not to panic in case any accident or unfavourable situations. Always guide them to tackle such situations with calm. Remember that, being a parent, you should also not panic. Instead keep patience and take the necessary steps, so that the child can be rescued.

You can also install alarms near the pool, pressing which the rescue team can come to help.

  • Never allow the kid to dive into water with toys that can lead to an injury. Very often slippery toys can also cause accidents.
  • Do not allow the kids to enter the water with the pets. Sometimes, pets can push the child and can cause accidents. The kids with sensitive skin can cause skin problems as well while playing in water with the pets.
  • While enrolling the child to an institute, make sure that the institute is having sufficient water safety equipment and experienced trainer. Also, check the depth of the pool according to the age of your child.

In order to find an appropriate institute in your locality, you can either get in touch with consulting service.

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The bottom line is, always teach your kid the swimming as it won’t only help him/her to overcome water threat situations, but can also give the bright future. The reason being, the child can develop a deep interest within the same and can push him/her to become a professional swimmer. Enrolling them since childhood would be a great idea as years of training, since childhood is the only thing that help in gaining an expertise over a skill.

There are many popular swimming champions who have gained exposure to the training for their skills since their childhood. So, you never know, a training can also help him/her to gain an expertise to become a renowned swimmer.

If your kid is also inspired with any swimmer or you want to see your child as a swimming champion or you are afraid of sending your child to play in water alone, YoGems can help you. We are the one of the best services that can help you by guiding, how you can shape the career of your child as a professional swimmer.

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