Has COVID-19 brought eSports to the fore?

April 15, 2020


Reference: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/more-sports/others/has-covid-19-brought-esports-to-the-fore/articleshow/75154020.cms

Don’t get fooled. That ‘Candy Crush’ or ‘Subway Surfer’ on your cellphone is just a game. It doesn’t make you an eSport player. There is a difference, and it’s finally being understood. The sad part is that it required the COVID-19 pandemic for people to perhaps understand the difference.

Almost like ‘Before Christ’ and ‘After Christ’, mankind will soon be talking about the pre-COVID and post-COVID times. Such has been the detrimental effect of coronavirus on life in general, which is not going to be the same again, at least until a vaccine is out there.

It’s insane, almost blasphemous, to think of any aspect benefiting from a global medical emergency that’s killing people. But in tough times, It’s only human to find solace and comfort in something. eSports could be one of those things, and 2020 might well turn out to be the launchpad it needed, with the world in ‘lockdown’ and traditional sports coming to a standstill.

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