Haryana kesari Wrestling held on Tuesday

February 27, 2019, Faridabad


On the second day of akhara Wrestling competition pahalwans show their capability. Haryana kesari Wrestling also took place and the semi-finals and finals of the competition will take place on Wednesday. Match took place between Kuldeep and Azad for Haryana Kesari. The match took place for 6 minutes and on one is ready to give-up, but Kuldeep won the match on the basis of points 10-6.

Under-21 in 57 kgs category Sachin came 1st , Akash came 2nd and Ritin came 3rd . In 61kgs category Sani came 1st , Hitesh came 2nd and Manjit came 3rd. In 65 kgs category Suraj won gold. In 70 kgs category Harish won gold. Due to rain management had to change the place and rest of the matches took place in the hall.

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