Hari Singh Cricket Academy wins 28th Saheed Bhagat Singh Tournament

July 12, 2019, Greater Noida


Saheed Bhagat Singh Tournament saw their eventual new champions in Hari Singh Cricket Academy at their 28th edition. Hari Singh Cricket academy put a brilliant display of cricketing class in all the matches of the tournament and it clearly didn’t stop at Final as their opponents TYCA where no match to them. Hari Singh not only outclassed their opponents but they also demolished the whole challenge of TYCA in bits and pieces. Hari Singh defeated TYCA by the margin of 139 runs.

Hari Singh opted to bat first after winning the toss and scored 186 runs in 39.1 overs. There start was not good enough as they lost some quick wickets in short interval of time but Himanshu Chawla 39run, Anurag Tayagi 30run, Lakshay 20runs and Mehul Chahal 19runs provided some much needed stability and partnerships for the team and helped Hari Academy to 186 runs. But the real action happened in second innings as Hari Academy bowlers didn’t gave TYCA batsmen an inch to stable and play the ball. Match looked like, it was being played on different pitch from what Hari Academy played at. But all credits to Hari Academy bowlers as they wrapped up TYCA innings at 47 runs in this final. They were literally unplayable. Abhishek, Rithik Vats, Vimoh Rana and Subodh Bahti all claimed two-two wickets for Hari Academy.

By winning this tournament, Hari Academy also claimed the Diwan Heeralal Chopra running trophy.

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