Hari Mohan claimed Asian Tour Golf’s Amateur Category Title

August 17, 2018


Hari Mohan, part of Indian delegation to represent the national side in the Asian Games 2018 ended his Asian Tour Golf Tournament with ace performance. In the recently folded up Golf Championship held in Bengaluru, Hari Mohan claimed top podium position in the amateur category.

In overall ranking amongst the professional and amateur golfers, he formed his great show with 23rd rank. On account of his performance in the golf tournament, spectators are expecting medal from him in the Asian Games 2018. On the first day of the event, he took 69 stokes mark to complete 18 holes aim. Second day ended with the same result for the golfer from Noida. Third day he took 70 strokes to reach 18 holes mark.

As per the available information, Hari Mohan took total 277 strokes to reach 72 hole task in the competition.

Hari Mohan along with Mentor Simran Jeet Kaur will fly today for Malaysia

To join Indian sports stars in the Asian Games 2018, Hair Mohan along with Mentor Simran Jeet Kaur will depart today for Malaysia. He has coined his positioning amongst 4 golfers from India selected for the Asian Games. In addition to team category, Hari Mohan will play in individual category of the golf competition.

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