Happy Children’s Day – Shield Yourself From Smog and Stay Healthy

Delhi smog

Health is wealth. It is just not a saying, but a pin-down point for all of us. Yes! We are talking about the health hazards that trapped Delhi-NCR with excessive pollution. The national capital, Delhi has turned into a gas chamber.

Any guesses, who is responsible for all this? It is none other than us; the humans who bursted excessive crackers on this Diwali.

It is a jaw dropping fact, but the city is found to be 42 times above the limits and this has pushed us at the 11th rank in the list of most polluted cities in the world. According to a statement issued by Delhi government, “The major changes (in air quality) were observed after 7 pm, when fireworks started. Ambient air quality in Delhi was already saturated with pollutants accumulated due to trans-state movement of pollutants.”

This is not just it about the pollution. Instead a tremendous effects has been seen caused by bursting crackers and other stuffs. Let’s have a look.

It is us, who did it and suffering

people polluting environment

Even doctors and experts are unanimous are blaming our deeds that lead to increasing cases of respiratory issues in children and old people. India’s National Health Profile 2015 reported 3.5 million cases of ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection) which raised to 140,000 and 30% since 2010.

With this stats, it can be clearly seen that air pollution is just not numbers, but it the rate with which our generation are losing the good health. Also, pollution levels in Delhi are astronomical, thus, cities like Mumbai will not be far behind either.

India has reserved its position at 13 among 20 most polluted cities in the world. Hold On! This was enough to get worried. Let us make you feel relax by sharing some easy-to-follow preventive measures that can help you overcoming adverse effects of pollution.

You can still overcome pollution effects

home remedies

  • Suffering from breathing issues, infections, cough or cold is the most common effects, you can get. Use ginger juice with a spoon of honey thrice a day to soothe irritation.
  • The blend of honey and jaggery are the best resources of strengthening the immunity that can help you fighting air pollution and other ailments.
  • Crushed black pepper with honey will help clearing cough accumulated in your chest.
  • Cinnamon and basil tea are very effective in combating cold, cough and other infections.
  • Garlic is popular for its antibiotic-rich factor that helps improving immunity and fighting cough. You can also consume crush garlic pods fried with butter till cooked properly. After consuming this solution, do not consume water for at least another half an hour.
  • Consume multi-vitamins regularly to boost the internal immunity. You can also intake vitamin C by consuming berries, lemons, oranges, guava, lime, etc. The reason being, vitamin C is a water soluble antioxidant that helps increasing immunity.

These tips were worth following when you are at home, but what when you are stepping out of home. You need to be more precautious while entering the toxic zone.

Relax! We also have some tips for you that can help in remaining safe from pollution.

Must follow tips before you step out of home

tips for children

  • Try avoiding going out, if not necessary.
  • Avoid going outdoors during peak traffic hours, but if you really need to then wear face mask.
  • Use N99 face mask over surgical or N95 for extra protection against pollution or swine flu.
  • If possible, check AQI (Air Quality Index) before stepping out.
  • Plant more trees that will help keeping the air clean and toxin free.
  • Dust your house on the regular basis to avoid dust particle accumulation indoors.
  • Avoid exercises or yoga in traffic or polluted environment.
  • Use air purifiers to beat allergies and breathing ailments like asthma.
  • Perform yoga, exercises and sport activities at parks with less people and more greenery.
  • Prefer for morning workouts after sunrise.
  • If you have any respiratory illness, try exercising and going out as minimum as possible and use air purifiers while in home.



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