Gurugram’s Narendra flagged Indian Flag on Kilimanjaro Mountain in record time

July 26, 2018, Gurgaon

Trekking/Mountain ClimbingNarendra Yadav

Student of Guru Dronacharya Mahavidyalaya Narendra Yadav added another milestone for India by trekking Kilimanjaro Mountain-the highest peak in South Africa in the record time of 17 hours and flagging India’s flag at the top of the peak.

Before Narendra, the previous best record for the same achievement was carried in 34 hours. Even after spending a few moments at the top, Narendra also reversed his steps back from the mountain in the record time of 20 minutes and 17 minutes.

On occasion of such great achievement from the trekker, Tajikistan government offered certification award to Narendra. In the year 2017, Narendra for the first time accomplished the difficult task from the most difficult Manchame way.

Talking about his next mission, Narendra has mentioned that he will target Australia and Indonesia’s highest peak and for the same, he has already started preparations.

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