Gurugram’s Deepsikha qualifies for National Archery Championship in first attempt

October 17, 2018

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Deepshikha of Gurgaon district has finds her way in the Haryana Team selected for National Archery Championship scheduled in Vijayvada region of Andhra Pradesh from 23rd October to 28th October.

In the trials of Under 14 category Gurgaon archer claimed her strong positioning in the team line-up after attempting her first aim. Hailing from Hari Nagar village of Farukkhnagar division, Deeepshikha finds her origin in the farmer family and gained fondness for the sport after seeing brother practicing the aim.

Deepshikha’s coach Bhagwat Singh has said that both girl and boy have great eagerness to prove themselves in Archery. In short span of just 2 years career Deepsikha has won gold medal in district-level competition and silver medal in the Indian round of State Level Competition.

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