Gurugram successfully grabs spotlight on Second Day

August 11, 2018


Swimming State Championship organised in sector-29 Hudda Gymkhana Club in Gurugram sees great performance from Gurugram’s swimmers on the second day of the tournament. In the 35th Sub Junior, 45th Junior and 52nd Senior tournaments played in the tournament were dominated by Gurugram players.

In open Category 400m free-style Women category tournament Shivani Katariya grabbed top spot followed by Jasmin Garg and Kanishka. Same category Men category matches represented Jind’s Vaibhav at the top spot.

200m Butterfly open Category Men category matches announced Harshit Hudda of Faridabad at the top spot, 100 meter backstroke open matches announced Vedant Seth at the top spot. In the women category matches of the same category, Khushi Jain from Gurugram attained the top spot.

100 meter Butterfly Open competition classified Sachin as the top spot gainer. In Women category competition of the same category Khushi from Bhivani clinched the top spot.

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