Gurugram players shine in ISSO Games, Pune

September 19, 2019, Gurgaon, Pune

Swimming, Athletics, Lawn Tennis, Table-TennisSwimming

At ISSO games in Pune, Gurugram players shined bright as they won more than 30 medals in athletics, swimming and Tennis. These games are being organized by the National Games committee. Events were held in Under-14, Under-17 and Under-19 age group of all these sports events.

Coach Arjun Singh told that in swimming Gurugram players won 10 Gold, 6 Silver and 10 Bronze medals, taking the tally of swimming alone to 26 medals which was quite astonishing from the players. In Table tennis single and team events players won 4 medals.

Arun Singh won 3 medals in swimming, Under-19 age category which includes 400 meter freestyle, 200 meter freestyle and 1500 meter freestyle. In Under-17 age category, Arun Miglani won Gold in 50 meter freestyle, 4×100 meter freestyle relay -Gold, 4×100 meter middle relay- Gold and won 2 silver in additional to these Gold medals.

Krish won 2 Gold in Relay, Neel won 2 Gold in relay, Zavir also won 2 Gold in relay.

In Under-17 Girls age category, Yadhvi won 2 Gold medal. Shivi Anand won 2 Gold and 3 Bronze medals in Freestyle and Middle relay.

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