Gurgaon Under 14 team aims gold medal in Archery Competition

September 6, 2018, Gurgaon

ArcheryEuropean Para Archery Cup

U14 Archery team of Gurgaon District has performed with ace in the second edition of School Games Federation of India. The team dominated the archery tournament played at the Fatehbad region of Haryana and claimed the top positioning.

In the recovery matches of the tournament Gurugram girls aced the league, while the girls team in Indian round won the bronze medal and the Boys team of the district claimed silver medal in the recovery round.

Coach of Dronacharya Archery Academy who accompanied the team in the prestigious competition has mentioned that many teams from the State took part in the competition and among strong competition Gurgaon team with highest points in the competition formed the winning knock.

Virangana Chaudhary, Shreya Bansal, Mansavi Kaushik and Shweta Khatana were the participants of the winning team. The bronze medal winning team in the Indian Round included Khushi, Devisha, Shubhani and Jiya Kapur. The coach further mentioned that Manish Kathran of Gurugram region in Recover Category and Abhishek in the Indian Round has been selected for the National team. The National Matches of the tournament will be played in the month of November in the Andhra Pradesh state.

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