Gurgaon girls amazed spectators with great swimming show

August 3, 2018, Gurgaon


Ongoing district level swimming competition in the Manav Rachna School offered great opportunity to the young girls swimmers to show their spirit in the tournament. On Thursday, girls event with U 14, U 17 and U 19 category allowed many girls to enroll in the swimming competition.

In 50 meter free-style category Devika attained top spot followed by Jiya at the second rank. In 100 meter free-style swimming competitions Devika stood up at first and Sanjana earned the second spot. 200 meter free style allowed Sanjana to gain lead and Mahi settled as the runner-up of the game.

400 meter free style matches favored Mahi followed by Ananya as the runner-up in the particular category. 50 meter back stroke games formed a liable chance Jiya to attain top spot and Sehar announced as the runner up in the particular category. In 100 meter games with same category Sehar again amazed the spectators and attained top position followed by Sehar. U-200 meter back-stroke game Sanya for the top spot followed by Muskan as the runner-up.

U 14 category games for 50 meter Breast stroke allowed Devika to earn the winning spot followed by Isha with a margin. 100 meter breast stroke games announced Manya with the great opportunity to win the top spot followed Manya Jha as the second spot gainer. 200 m breast stroke fortunate Manya with top spot followed by Isha with the second spot. In 50 meter butterfly games Lara Singh won top spot and Manya managed the second spot.

U 17 category 50 meter free style games formed great result for Kanishka with top spot and Harshita attained second position. 100 meter free style favored Kanishka with top spot and Harshita triggered the second spot. The 200 meter games in the category formed great result for Anushka and Akriti as the top players.

U 19 category 50 meter games labeled Chetna Guliya as the top spot gainer, Khushi attained second spot. 100 meter free style games offered opportunity Chetna and Nikita as the top performer from the list. 200 meter free style matches marked Jayati with top spot and 50 meter back stroke called Khushi as the winner followed by Jayshree.

School: Manav Rachna International

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