Gurgaon becomes overall champion in Skating

September 12, 2019, Gurgaon


At state level school skating championship, players from Gurugram shone bright as team became overall champion with whooping 94 points. To tell the dominance of Gurugram players, this stat is very necessary where team which was ranked second i.e Karnal were 44 points behind Gurugram’s tally at just 50 points. At the third position remained Sonipat with mere 34 points.

Players from Gurugram went on to win 14 Gold, 8 silver and 3 Bronze medals in the competition for the first position. Players from Karnal won 5 Gold, 7 Silver and 4 Bronze medal for the second position in the tournament.

Skating coach told that players who has won Gold in this tournament are now automatically qualified for Nationals. This tournament was organised at Gurugram’s Baliawas, Sector-29.

In quads boys 1000meter, Under-19 category- Karnal’s Vaibhav took the Gold while Sonipat’s Kunal had to settle for Silver. In girls event Jind’s Simran won Gold and Kashish from Karnal bagged Silver.

In Under-17 boys category Bharat clinched gold medal and Jeevan had to settle for Silver.

In Inline boys 1000meter, Under-19 category- Gurugram clean swiped the table as Nischay won the Gold medal and Risabh won Silver for the team. In Girls Gurugram again clean swept the podium as Bhawna won the Gold medal and Megha had to settle for Silver in Inline.

In Under-17, Gurugram prevailed again as Raj won Gold and Anirudh had to settle for Silver medal. In girls category Gurgram Tanishka earned the gold medal and Sonipat’s Kriti had to settle for silver in much heated match at Sector-29.

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