Gunjan Anand wins Dick Edwards award

November 7, 2017, Delhi

Atlantis Research

Science and innovation guide human development. And students of Delhi Public School R.K. Puram (DPSRKP) showed once again their prowess in the field. The 1st Indian National Space Settlement Design Competition (INSSDC), organised by Atlantis Research and NASA, was held at Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Manesar from 2 to 6 November 2017. 2 teams from the school participated in the competition.

Both team qualified for the finals in the face of tough competition. The finals were an interesting event. he two teams were paired with other qualifying teams from various parts of India and underwent a simulation lasting 21 hours, during which they had to fully conceptualize and finally present their unique designs for a lunar resource assessment base. On the back of great innovation and presentation, both team were awarded the rank of national runner’s up. A special award was given to Gunjan Anand (XI-I) for her mature leadership. It is a great boost to the science department of the school. The school was proud of the achievements of its students.

School: Delhi Public School

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