Greater Noida’s Athlete Mukul wins gold medal in Bhutan

July 26, 2018, Noida, Greater Noida

AthleticsInter school Athletics Championship

Mukul Kumar hailing from Dhankaur’s Block remote village Bhatta succeeded to clinch gold medal in the Athletics Tournament Meet commenced in between 20 and 23 July in Bhutan. Mukul, the student from 12th standard achieved pride for the entire nation in 100m sprint race.

The top spot gainer from Dankaur District in recent past has also won gold medal in the National Level Sports Meet played in Rajasthan and Sonipat. Praising the achievement of son at International level, Mukul’s father wishes more achievement for the young boy and explained the achievement as an honorable prestige for the district and the nation.

As the news of Mukul’s attainment reached the village, all the villagers celebrated the moment and mentioned that they will surely organize great event to honor the achievements of Mukul.

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