France surpasses underdog Croatia’s brilliance to hold Worldcup for the second time in history

July 16, 2018

FootballFIFA World Cup 2018

One of the most amazing football world cup seasons finally ends favoring experience over underdog’s daring attempt as France holds world cup trophy for the second time in history after defeating Croatia with final scoreline 4-2.

In one of the most thriving experience for the football fans in the modern era, the match between France and Croatia witnessed the highest number of goals conceived in a world cup final since 1958. France was the first side to add dominance to the game, as due to free-kick deflection of Antoine Griezmann, France registered their first goal in the game.

Croatian side while trying their best to play with damage control approach ended the first half of the game with an equalizer goal achieved by left footer attempt of Ivan Perisic. France after changing the goal sides in second half, played with their utmost caliber to bomb-up spirited two goals against Croatia to let down the hopes and chances of in-experienced Croatia to end their dream run on a happy note.

France scored the first goal in the second-half with a usage of VAR technology for the first time in world cup history

In the seventh minute of the second half, France while attempting a goal, received a golden chance to recapture their supremacy over the Croatian side in form of VAR technology based penalty received by Mandzukic. The decision of Argentinian referee to grant the penalty to France at such a crucial time, disappointed Croatia’s team as a whole.

The freshers in the world cup final never received a chance to perform comeback magic which they have shown in last 4 trailing games after conceiving penalty goal in the second half.

France’s brilliant defending game

Luka Modric’, the Croatian captain tried his best in the remaining time to score a goal against France. But France’s extraordinary defending and team spirit never allowed the red team to score goal and score advantages in the second half. In the meantime, French players Pogba and Mbappe scored decent goals in end in order to ensure their chances to fly back to fly back France with world cup trophy.

The careless attempt of France Goalkeeper costs only for France in the second half

France overjoyed with their attempt to register a mammoth supremacy against Croatia conceived an easy goal in the final minutes of the game. As French goalkeeper was trying to pass carelessly ball to its team member, in between Mandzukic easily took charge of the ball from the goalkeeper and immediately passes goal inside the goalpost to register a 2nd and last goal for Croatia in the final of Worldcup 2018.

Let’s sum it up

Mbappe, the French player outshines against legends against Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar to won hearts of football fans with his fantastic dribble and speed at just 19 years of age. Didier Deschamps, the French coach, attains spots in golden achiever in FIFA world cup to win final as a player in 1998 and as a manager in 2018. France team, the official winner of 2018 edition of Russia Football Worldcup received $38 million as the highest winning amount in the history of world cup editions.

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