For the 1st time visually impaired athlete was selected for national para cycling team

February 27, 2019, Hyderabad

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Asian Championships will take place in Uzbekistan in April. The two former paramilitary force officer have been selected for the 9- member national para cycling team. Para cycling gained popularity in India due to Aditya Mehta Foundation and Cycling Federation of India. The trials for the selection took place on 25th in Hyderabad. This will be the 1st time when a visually impaired person is the part of the team. The coach of the team is Aditya Mehta, who happens to be Asia’s only UCI- certified coach for para cycling. Team members are Gurlal Singh(BSF), Harinder Singh (BSF), Bhirabadra( CRPF), Divij Shah( WB), Kaigolal (BSF), Abhishek (CND), Roshan Lal ( BSF, visually impaired), Prashanth (MAH) and Sudhakar (MAH).

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