Five essential tips to Avoid Sports Injuries

Playing sports is greater fun but involving yourself with severe injury while taking part is not. Nowadays we see that most of the aspiring sports enthusiasts have to give away their future because of some unfortunate deeds in the sports field or while practicing any sort of game.

As we all know that ‘Prevention is always better than cure’, we will share with you five easy yet effective steps which will surely help you to prevent injuries and stay in the game with edge above zeal and excitement.

  • Wear Protective Gear
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    Protective Gear is the most convenient way to say good bye to at least 70% to 80% of the injuries. These gears are classified in different categories as they totally depends on the kind of sport you are playing.

    Helmets serve as most common protective gear that helps your head safe from internal as well as external injuries. Helmets with different sort of builds are used in games hockey, cricket, baseball, biking, skateboarding and many other options.

    Always ensure that you are wearing right helmet for the right field of sport. You cannot wear baseball batting helmets while you are speeding up for biking game. You are advised to rightly protect your eyes with right gear, pads, wrists, elbows and knee guards. Like this cleats are another sort of protective gear used in baseball, softball or football. This type of shoes have special rubber and plastic points on the soles that helps you to find the right grip on ground or when you run around.

  • Spent some time in warming up your body
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    It is not the right way to just bolt in the field and start playing the game. As per experts, even before stretching your body for the gaming schedule, you should always initiate it with little warm up. You can either choose to jog around in the field or do exercise of hands and back to avoid any emergent strain in your body.

  • Play the Game only after Knowing the Rules correctly
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    Traffic Lights has proven to bring down the rate of road accidents to the significant amount. Do you know the reason behind this drastic change?? Drivers gain the license to drive only after knowing certain traffic rules, when they have to stop or to drive smoothly.

    Same situations goes well with the players of different games. Knowledge about game helps you to figure out what is legal and what is not- the awareness helps fewer injuries in the game. You and the players from the rival team knows what to expect and where to set the alarm that something is not happening right. For instance, in soccer game you cannot come from behind and crash into some player’s leg for fetching the ball.

  • Watch Out for Others
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    Some rules are totally designed for the safety of players, it has nothing to do with penalties or points of any of the playing teams. For instance, a diver is supposed to jump for the swim challenge only after ensuring that the pool is clear. Same way, in baseball you can only run for the score after dropping your baseball to ensure any collapse or injury with the rival team.

  • Avoid Playing when You’re Injured
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    Last but the most vocal voice in the available advises is to play any game after you are totally healed from the injury. We know that sports are tempting but hitting the bell when you are not totally ready is totally a bad idea. In such scenario, your injury may get even more worse, and the situation can sideline you from the game for a long period of time.

    Just be honest with your parents and coach when you are injured and wait until you are totally fit to charge up in the field. Your fitness trainer or coach is your best companion so trust him/her fully and carry on their advise for better results in your field of sport.



Aman is a sports enthusiast with great admiration for travel and sports. Apart writing crisp as well as engaging contents, he loves playing cricket and exploring novels in sci-fi and thriller categories.