Faridabad district Taekwondo Association honors winners of International Taekwondo Games

July 13, 2018, Faridabad


Faridabad locals and management team of Faridabad district Taekwondo Association warmly welcomed winners and participants of International Taekwondo Games played in Bhutan. The zealous event was organized incorporation of district director of Faridabad Navin Chaudhary and vice-president Aman Agarwal.

General Secretary of Faridabad district Taekwondo Association and coach of team India Raghuvendra Chaudhary proudly shared with the audience the achievement of seven Faridabad players who were the integrated part of 56 delegations of players represented the nation at the tournament played on 7 and 8 July. He also honored Sonia and Preeti for their great effort to win gold and silver medal in the U-46 weight category. Carrying forward his thanksgiving speech, he specially mentioned Mohan name for clinching the gold medal.

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