Faridabad District Association honors ace swimmers

August 1, 2018, Faridabad


Three Days district level swimming competition held at APJ School Sector-15 Faridabad finally marks successful end on Tuesday. In the competition, Priyanshu Mahajan in boys’ category proudly commands his way to the top mark at the podium followed by Anjali Sangawan as the top performed in girls’ category.

District Swimming Association’s General Secretary A.K Pandit on occasion of closing ceremony appreciated the effort of all the participants and notified spectators that Harshit Hudda along with Anshul Sangawan were the top performed for group 1. In the second group Mayank Yadav and Divya emerged as the top spot gainer, Mayank Yadav and Divya proved their mark in group 3 league matches, Mohit Malik and Mansavi Vij offered remarkable performance in group 4 and in last group Aryaman and Lakshita Singh won best swimmer title.

On occasion of closing ceremony, Income Tax Commissioner Anuradha Mukherjee and Haryana Sports Complex’s Vice President Deep Bhatia honored winners with medals.

School: Apeejay School

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