Early bird prizes awarded to Chandigarh Golf League teams

July 24, 2022, Chandigarh


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Twelve teams gathered this evening to select six early bird prizes for the much-awaited Chandigarh Golf League (CGL), which will take off on September 21.

Arjun Sehgal, Darvesh Kumar and Gen JS Malhi (retd) were among the team owners who walked away with the early bird prizes. Based on the IPL format, CGL expects participation of over 250 players during five weeks of competition.

Team owners who have signed up include Chandigarh Golf Club Captain KS Sibia, Col KS Thandi and syndicates formed by club regulars.

“This league series has been very well received in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and has now started in Tier 2 cities,” said Brandon D’Souza, the man behind the show.

“For Chandigarh, the true nursery of Indian golf, it was just a matter of finding a suitable time in the club’s busy calendar,” said Brandon D’Souza.

Each CGL team will have 10 reserved players, selected by the team owner, and at least six players will be bought from the club’s pool of members.

“This handicap-based competition, designed with the club golfer in mind, involves all levels of players and signals a new era of club golf,” said Col HS Chahal, president of the Chandigarh Golf Club.

The organisers hope to secure 16 to 18 teams, with a maximum of 18 players each. Each team is guaranteed four matches in the league stage before the knockouts.

The winner’s purse would be Rs 8 lakh and the runners-up will take home Rs 4 lakh. — Shona Manco

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