DYSS holds state-level Judo, Boxing events

November 12, 2019, Jammu

Boxing, JudoState level Judo and Boxing Competitions

Reference: http://news.statetimes.in/dyss-holds-state-level-judo-boxing-events/

Department of Youth Services and Sports (DYSS) organised State level Judo and Boxing competitions in under-17 and under-19 age groups of boys and girls at MA Stadium, here on Monday. The competition was held to select the State teams for the forthcoming National School Games.

The Results (Winners):
Judo: UNDER-17 yrs: BOYS: 40 Kg: Murad Ali of Kathua, Ist. 45 kg: Pankaj Kumar of Jammu, Ist. 50 kg: Ahsan Saini of Jammu, Ist. 55 Kg: Akshay Sharma of Jammu, Ist. 60 Kg: Munish Sharma of Jammu, Ist. 66 Kg: Varun Sharma of Jammu, Ist.73 Kg: Zahir Ahmad of Jammu, Ist. 81 Kg: Himanshu of Jammu, Ist. 90 Kg: Rajat Singh of Jammu, Ist. Above 90 Kg: Aryan Singh of Kathua, Ist. UNDER-19: 40 Kg: Sohan Singh of Kathua, Ist. 45 kg: Abhay Pratap Singh of Jammu, Ist. 50 Kg: Shivam Sharma of Kathua, Ist. 55 Kg: Harsh Dev Singh of Kathua, Ist. 60 Kg: Aniket Sharma of Kathua, Ist. 66 Kg: Mohd Irfan of Kathua, Ist. 73 Kg: Shagun Saini of Kathua, Ist. 81 Kg: Gulzar Ahmed of Kathua, Ist. 90 kg: Ujwal Khajuria of Jammu, Ist. Open: Opesh Khajuria of Kathua, Ist.

GIRLS: UNDER-19: 36 Kg: Harshita Singh of Jammu, Ist. 40 Kg: Jimmo Devi of Kathua, Ist. 44 Kg: Niha of Kathua, Ist. 48 Kg: Baby of Kathua, Ist. 52 Kg: Upasna of Jammu, Ist. 57 Kg: Arti Devi of Kathua, Ist. 63 Kg: Diya Bharti of Jammu, Ist. 70 Kg: Avni Singh of Jammu, Ist. Open: Simran of Jammu, Ist.

BOXING: UNDER-17: BOYS: 44-46 Kg: Maan Singh of Jammu, Ist. 46-48 Kg: Washir Ali of Samba, Ist. 48-50 Kg: Mohd Aquib of Pooch, Ist. 50-52 Kg: Prajwal Jamwal of Jammu, Ist. 54 Kg: Mohd Zahir of Poonch, Ist. 54-57 Kg: Abhay Raina of Poonch, Ist. 57-60 Kg: Nadeem Farooq of Poonch, Ist. 60-63 Kg: Shubam Choudhary of Jammu, Ist. 66-70 Kg: Aman Dubay of Samba, Ist. 70-75 Kg: Nikhil Kumar of Jammu, Ist. 75-80 Kg: Mohd. Zaffer Iqbal of Poonch, Ist. 80 Kg: Arpit Sharma of Jammu, Ist. UNDER-19: 52-56 Kg: Sushil Singh of Samba, Ist. 56-60 Kg: Naryan Pratap Singh of Jammu, Ist. 60-64 Kg: Shubham Choudhary of Jammu, Ist. 64-69 Kg: Sohail Ahmed of Pooch, Ist. 75-81 Kg: Harshdev Singh Jamwal of Jammu, Ist.

GIRLS: UNDER-17: 40 Kg: Anisha of Poonch, Ist. 42-44 Kg: Sanjana of Poonch, Ist. 44-46 Kg: Maryam of Poonch, Ist. 46-48 Kg: Hartika Mahajan of Jammu, Ist. 48-50 kg: Farhana of Poonch, Ist. 50-52 Kg: Harmit Kour of Jammu, Ist. 52-54 Kg: Balkiran of Poonch, Ist. UNDER-19: 51-54 Kg: Ananya Choudhary of Jammu Ist.

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