DPS Noida attains runner up spot in National Level DPS Swimming Competition

August 6, 2018, Noida, Bhopal


DPS Noida region performed with all their ability and blazed the swimming competition part of DPS national level swimming meet. The team in the overall ranking earns good response and finishes their part in the event with runner-up spot in the event.

The event for the year 2018 was held in Bhopal and marked its closing day on August 4, total 4 swimmers from the Noida region participated in the event. Aryan Yuvraj, Rahul Lamba, Arihan Singh Deshval, and Hardik Dhaka together earns 62 points in the event and finished at the second spot in the event.

The team with great performance in all the events earned 4 points in 50 meter free style race, 1 point in 100 meter race and total 3 points in 200 meter race. In back stroke swimming competition, the team marked 2 points in 50 meter event, 1 point in 100 m and 200 meter ends with 2 points. In addition to these crucial points, the team attains 22 points in other relay competitions for the competition.

DPS Bhopal, the hosting side of the event labeled their positioning at the top spot with total 88 points in the event while DPS Bhilai settled for the third position with 54 points.

School: Delhi Public School

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