Divya settles for silver, Karuna and Reena clinched bronze in Junior Asian Wrestling Tournament

July 20, 2018

WrestlingDivya Kakran

Bronze medal winner for the Indian side in the Gold Coast National Games Divya settles for a Silver medal in the final of Junior Asian Wrestling Championship. Divya was not physically fit for the final match as the player sustained severe grade knee injury in her semi-final game previously in the tournament.

Divya belonging to Uttar Pradesh district played her final match against Kyrgyzstan’s player Meerim Zhumanazarova who easily hushes away India’s advancement in the game by earning technical advancement of 0-11 in the match. Divya was too defensive in the final and her inability to counter-attack costs the game for India in the final.

Karuna and Reena were the other two expected achievers from the tournament but they managed to only grab bronze in the tournament and moves backed to India on Thursday, itself. All the five Indian girls were in action and reached the final stage of their particular categories but none of the players emerged as the Gold medal winner in the tournament.

Talking about the other two aspiring players, Sangeeta Phogat (59kg) and Shivani Pawar (50kg) lost their bronze medal bouts in their particular games.

Before reaching final, Divya scored good sporting advancement against her rival in the semi-final. She bottled down victory against China’s Man Zhang by gaining easy (0-6) superiority against China’s player. She also ended advancement of Mongolia’s Purevtsetseg in the quarterfinal by showing attacking game against the Mongolian challenge.

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