Divya Deshmukh is mentally very strong for her age: Coach Ramesh

September 2, 2017

World Cadet Chess Championship

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NAGPUR: A day after Divya Deshmukh stamped her authority by winning the World Cadet Chess Championship in Brazil, coach and Grandmaster RB Ramesh heaped praise on the consistent performance of city’s little chess queen.
Having made her first move on the 64 squares when she was barely six, the 11 years and seven months old has won as many as 20 international medals within six years. Divya’s U-12 gold medal winning performance on Thursday was her 14th yellow metal in international championships. She has also captured a couple of silver and won four bronze medals.

In an exclusive tete-a-tete with the TOI , Divya’s Chennai-based coach Ramesh opened up on her achievements that gave India the only medal in the World Championship.
Your take on Divya Deshmukh?
Divya is a very talented and hard working girl. She has been making steady progress in her playing strength and her rating has also been increasing steadily as a result. She is very sure of herself and does not doubt her abilities at the same time very down to earth. I am very happy that she very deservingly won the world title.

How she performed in the World championship?
She was leading in Brazil from the beginning of the event and despite a draw in the 3rd round, Divya recovered well to get into the lead again sooner. This was a commanding performance by her.

In years to come what’s in store for this little master?
She has to play more tournaments in Europe now to increase her rating and gain international exposure. For which she desperately needs a good sponsor to take care of her expenses. I hope with this world title, it will be easier to find a good sponsor for her. With good exposure in international events, she could become a GM in another 3 to 5 years.

You based in Chennai, Divya is in Nagpur. How you guide her? At this age is Divya able to understand the things and implement it properly?
Though I live in Chennai and Divya comes from Nagpur, she spends at least a week to 10 days at Chennai every month for her chess training. She is a good lerner and very attentive during the classes.

What are the usual mistakes Divya commits, while playing and learning?
Divya doesn’t make too many mistakes usually. She is mentally very strong for her age and she keeps getting better and better with each year so I don’t have anything major to complain about in the form of mistakes.

You have provided coaching to many players. What is the difference between Divya and other players?
Usually, the parents are more enthusiastic than the child but in Divya’s case she genuinely loves the game and very ambitious. And Divya knows well that she needs to work extremely hard to be successful in chess. Her parents support her without reservations. They are role model for other chess parents in many ways I would say. Not overly critical and ready to slog it out and become better as a player in the long run. This is not easy for many parents unfortunately.

Where you rate Divya among all your students?
Divya is obviously one of my pet students! I work with many strong players and she is at the very top among them. I feel proud to teach her the game

During tournaments how you help players. Are you and Divya, both comfortable in using Skype? Is Divya able to learn what you teach online?
During the tournaments, if Divya has any doubts or needs help in her preparations for the game, she reaches me on Skype or WhatsApp and I assist her online. Technology helps in bridging the distance!

Where you see Divya in 5-10 years ?
With a good sponsor, she can hope to play for the highest title in the chess world, the World Championship title.


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