Dipti claims top spot in Table Tennis Tournament

September 4, 2018, Noida

Table-TennisTable Tennis

Table Tennis Tournament was launched in the Grand Ajnara Heritage of Noida Sector 74 region. Ajnara Groups and JLL in combination initiated the roots of Table Tennis Tournament in the region.

The tournament was played in three different categories, 18+ Men category, 18+ Women category and for the young age players. In the Women category matches Deepti Singh claimed the top spot and Smriti was declared as the runner up of the competition.

Table Tennis Tournament of Men category named Rajat Talvar at the top spot followed by Kapil Jain at the second spot. The Under 18 category matches also witnessed great performances from the young gems, Shivam from the category was named as the winner of the competition followed by Rishabh Yadav with silver medal.

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