Dharam School’s student celebrated the ‘Essence of Freedom’

August 5, 2018, Palwal


Palwal’s Dharam Public School organised one-day drawing competition for all the students of school in order to help the students to gain positive knowledge about freedom and the nation.

Little gems from the Kindergarten grade participated in the drawing competition with full grace and colored the Indian flag with its tri-colour. All the students from class 1 to class 4 in order to celebrate the moment made delicious fruit chat and added flavors to the event.

Sixth to Eighth grade students on this occasion participated in the mega event while showcasing their talent for thread painting.
Judges of the tournament classified Vandana, Radhika, Kanak, Diya and Jahnvi’s painting as the most impactful in all the entries and awarded them with certificates for their effort.

School’s Director Shri Ram Agarwal applauded all the students for their participation in the event and congratulated all the winners. He also shares his view with the students on the importance of Freedom in everyone’s life and teaches them positive lesson to always respect the honour of nation.