Dehradun Junior Badminton players amazed spectators

August 10, 2018


Badminton Tournament hosted by the District Sports Council of Dehradun formed great show benefits for the spectators. Number of league matches in different categories were played on Day 1 of the tournament.

In the U 11 Boys’ category matches on Day 1 of the tournament, Sayarsh Rawat wins match against Monomay, Arthav Tiwari claims win against Rudra, Yuvraj clinched match against Vivan, Rudransh enjoyed win against Shaurgnir and Dividh Uniyal wins match against Srestha.

U 11 Girls’ category matches for the day formed favorable results for Rishika against Avishi, Rida marked match against Divishka, Alisha dominated match against Rividdha Bhatt, Sneha claimed match against Vanshika, Shrija wins against Shipra and Monisha wins her first hurdle against Subani.

U 15 Girls’ category matches for the day formed great result for Smriddhi, Aastha, Vedehi and Nayasa.

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