Dehradun Government School’s Sheetal attains top spot in Essay writing competition

August 2, 2018, Dehradun

EssayEssay writing competition

Public Education Institute’s awareness program marks its end on Wednesday with several range of competition organised with aim to create awareness about ‘Clean India’ in Dehradun.

Taking the initiative forward, Rajkiya East Medium Vidhyalaya Rajpur Road’s principal Kukum Singh Uniyal distributed prizes amongst the winners of essay writing competition and mehandi craft competitions. Writing fabulous piece of essay on Environment, Sheetal Chauhan clinched first spot, Simran Tomar obtained second and Vivek settled for third spot in the tournament.

In B category of the essay competition, Khushi Dayal earned top spot followed by Sarita and Suraj as the other winners. Director Indrajay Singh Aswaal on his part explained that on accordance with the Central Government’s recomeddentation programs like this are carried out throughout the schools in the nation.

The principal also requested all the schools to clean their surrounding whether it is home or your school and also talk with other to do take an oath of participating in ‘Clean India Movement’.

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