Davinder disappoints

September 27, 2017

Many hurdles for Davinders Italy plan

Reference: http://www.thehindu.com/sport/other-sports/davinder-disappoints/article19758125.ece

All eyes were on Davinder Singh Kang of Services at the 57th National Open athletics championship here on Tuesday. For the 28-year-old had qualified for the men’s javelin throw final of the recent World championship, the only Indian to do so, and moreover he claimed that he was throwing the spear at around 80-83m. prior to the Nationals during training. But on the D-Day, Davinder produced a poor 75.12 to win the gold.

Earlier, Siddanth Thingalaya of ONGC won the 110m hurdles in a time of 14.06seconds. The 28-year-old couldn’t perform anywhere close to his best, but won the race comfortably.

The results: Men: 110mH: 1. Siddanth Thingalaya (ONGC) 14.06s, 2. Akhil Johnson (Services) 14.20s, 3. A. Suresh (Railways) 14.23s; Long jump: 1. S.E. Shamsheer (Railways) 7.74m, 2. Sahil Mahabali (Haryana) 7.56m, 3. M. Silambarasan (Services) 7.53m; 100m: Md. Sadath (Services) 10.57s, Elakkiyadasan (TN) 10.57s, Vidya Sagar (Services) 10.60s; Javelin: Davinder Singh Kang (Services) 75.12m, 2. Abhishek Singh (Services) 74.19m, 3. Sunil Bishnoi (Punjab) 74.03m.; 400m: Jithu Baby (Services) 47.08s, 2. Mohan Kumar (ONGC) 47.17s, 3. Ravinder (Haryana) 47.26s; 1500m: 1. Ajay Saroj (Railways) 3:41:93s, 2. Md. Afsal (Services) 3:46:48s, 3. Bir Singh (Haryana) 3:47:95s.

Women: 100m H: 1. Purnima Hembram (Railways) 13.89s, 2. Anurupa Kumari (Jharkhand) 13.98s, 3. Somiya (Railways) 14.32s. Shot put: Navjeet Kaur (Railways) 15.23m, 2. Kachnar Chaudhary (ONGC) 14.11m, 3. Rakhi Sangwan (Haryana) 13.76m.; 100m: 1. S. Archana (TN) 11.78s, 2. Chandra Lekha (TN) 11.92s, 3. Prajna S Prakash (Karnataka) 11.92s; 400m: 1. Soniya Baisya (West Bengal) 53.98, 2. G.K. Vijayakumari (Karnataka) 54.14s, 3. Jauna Murmu (ONGC) 54.50s.; 1500m: 1. Archana (Maharashtra) 4:18:64s, 2. Monika Chaudhary (Railways) 4:19:15s, 3. Pramila Yadav (Railways) 4:27:39s.

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