DAV Public School and St. Joseph Academy grabs winning trophy of ‘YoGems Inter School U16 Dehradun Basketball League’

October 5, 2018, Dehradun


Dehradun city’s first-ever ‘Paperless’ Inter-School Basketball marks an end in Tula’s International School while announcing DAV School team as the winner in Boys Under 16 age category. St Joseph Academy’s School team clinched the winning title in the Girls Under 16 age category.

Kasiga School team in boys category of the basketball league along with St Mary School team in Girl’s category finished the tournament with runner-up spot.

DAV School’s Kuldeep Madhvan was entitled with ‘Player of the Tournament’ award in Boys Category. Sneha Garg was named ‘Player of the Tournament’ in Girls category matches.

Total 12 school’s boys team along with 6 girls team from Dehradun region showcased their talent in the digital format based ‘YoGems Inter-School U16 Dehradun Basketball League’ played in affiliation of District Basketball Association Dehradun at Tula’s International School.

On final day of the Basketball League, Tula’s International School’s Director Raunak Jain, Principal Surbhi Sharma and YoGems CEO Mr. Daminsh Kumar gave away prizes to the winning teams and runner-up teams.

The day started with semi-final match between hosts Tula’s International Boys Team and DAV School’s team. Players of DAV team astonished spectators with impressive game-plan and scored 18, 9, 2, 3 goal points in four quadrants of the play. Tula’s team in response were able to score points in 1st and 3rd quadrant of the match. The match ended in favor of DAV School team, announcing them first finalist of Basketball League with 32-12 scoreline.

Kasiga School’s Boys team faced Kyistel Ling Tibetan Children’s Education Centre in the second semi-final of boys category. Kasiga team claims early lead in the match and added impressive goal points in all four quadrant with 10,7, 7, 8 points. In response Tibetan team scored just 17 goal points in total and Kasiga progressed towards the final match of Boys category with 32-17 scoreline.

In girl’s category, St. Joseph Academy played the scheduled final match on the last day of the tournament against St Mary’s Secondary School. St Joseph Girls team took the lead role in the crucial final and scored 08 goal points in first quadrant while St Mary School lacked any advancement in same quadrant. Establishing the leading role in other three quadrant with 14, 5 and 4 points.

St Joseph Academy grabbed the winning trophy of girls category YoGems Basketball League with 31-14 lead while St Mary team settled with runner-up spot.

Boys category final match between DAV School and Kasiga School team proved to be a nail biting match. DAV Team leading three of the four quadrants collected 16, 12, 3 and 11 match points in four quadrants. Kasiga School team tried their best to finish as the champion team and scored 10, 6, 9 and 15 points in four quadrants. The close encounter between both the team at last favored DAV team and they clinched the winning trophy with margin of 02 points lead with 42-40 scoreline.

DAV School sparked as the champion team of the tournament and Kasiga School offer great experience to the spectators and finished the Basketball league with runner-up tag.

School: Tula's International School, Kasiga school, DAV Public School, St. Joseph's Academy, St. Mary's Convent Sr.Sec. School, Kyitsel Ling Tibetan Children's Education Centre

Tournament: YoGems Inter School U16 Dehradun Basketball League

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