D Gukesh became India’s youngest and the world’s second youngest Chess Grand master

January 16, 2019

Chess17th Delhi International Open Chess tournament

D Gukesh of Tamil Nadu became India’s youngest and the world’s second youngest Grand master on Tuesday after achieving his 3rd and final grand master norm at the ongoing 17th Delhi International Open Chess tournament. Gukesh is now India’s 59th Grand Master.

Expressing delight over the accomplishment, Gukesh said, “I am very happy and excited to have become a Grand Master. I am delighted to have won the third (GM) norm and the title. I would like to play Anand sir sometime. Before the game I didn’t feel any pressure, only during the game. I just forgot about the pressure and focused on my game,” PTI quoted him as saying.

“I felt some pressure while playing in Barcelona as there was a possibility of my breaking the record. But once I missed the chance the pressure was gone. Now, I am relaxed,” he added.

“Now that I have become a GM I can play bigger tournaments and will get invitations to challenging events. I want to improve my game and also achieve Super GM title,” I trains six to seven hours a day but watches Tamil comedy scenes to unwind.

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