D.D.P.S and New Era win the Basketball Championship

May 16, 2019, Ghaziabad


The District Basketball Championship going on in D.P.S Rajnagar Extension gave the thrills on the second day as well, the second day concluded with a match between New Era and D.P.S Rajnagar Extension.

The first round of the match ended with DPS scoring 2 points whereas New Era scored 6, the second round ended with DPS 2-4 New Era, The third round ended with a score of 2-2, the third and the final round saw the tables turn totally in favour of New Era where they scored 10 points whereas DPS was only able to score 2. This resulted in New Era scoring a total of 22 points against DPS’s 8. New Era School won by 14 points.

The Girls Division saw an equal amount of thrill where DDPS faced DPS Rajnagar Extension but the girls from DPS Rajnagar Extension were outplayed by the DDPS girls,
Three rounds didn’t bring any score for the DPS side, whereas DDPS were 16 points ahead, The last round was the opener for DPS with 2 points similarly DDPS scored 2 to win the match 18-2.

School: Delhi Public School

Tournament: Ghaziabad District Basketball Championship 2019

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