CWG 2018 to be the first gender equal multinational event

March 10, 2018


Gender equality has long been a bone for contention for sporting events. From equal pay to quality of infrastructure, training and coaches, gender gap in sports has been prevalent over many years. But times have since been changing. The CWG 2018 which will see participation from 71 nations, is an event worth of appreciation.

The number of events in men’s and women’s category will be the same for the first time in the history of multination and multicultural events. That means the number of gold medals awarded to men and women will be the same. This is a major step towards recognising the rise of women in the world of sports and how they have been pivotal in improving the sporting culture across the globe.

Many sports fans would like to see the Olympics and Asian Games taking a leaf out of this book. Adding to this is the fact that over 50% Technical Officials in hockey, swimming and basketball will be female. In rhythmic gymnastics, the whole organising team is composed of women. Even boxing, a male dominated sport, will have over 18% female officials taking care of the proceedings.

A total of 266 events will take place from 4th April to 15th April, with 133 in each of the men’s and women’s category.

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