Craziest National Sports Of Countries Across The Globe

In India, we host mega events for sports categories which when calculated is not even 10% of the different sports around the world practiced in one or another form. For average Indian sports enthusiast, sports mostly comprises of some kind of ball and teams conquering for the trophy.

What if I told you about national sport of a country where ‘real’ goat carcass is being pushed to the ‘end zone’ or about life-threatening games that targets actual explosives. Feeling weird and scared, hold on your breath right away as we are about to discuss CRAZIEST National Sports of different countries.

  • Sepak Takraw of Philippines
  • Sepak 1

    Philippines has developed its own version of ‘Volleyball’ game that prohibits using arm or hands. You must be thinking then from which body part they launch the ball on the other side of the net? The answer is leg, high jumps and chest pumps. Philippines national game is called Sepak Takrar, the word ‘Sepak’ is Thai word that means ‘kick’ and takraw is a Malay word used to pronounce ‘woven ball’. The game is listed as popular game across Southeast Asia that requires insane combination of feet, leg and chest muscles power. The ball utilized is smaller than the usual Volleyball and each team has four members in their squad inside the court.

  • Tejo of Columbia
  • Tejo

    Tejo in many terms looks similar to American lawn game called as ‘cornhole’. The only, remember only difference is that instead of beanbag, players toss 1.5 pound metal puck (the tejo) aiming nearby explosives. Players while playing the game are cheered up with the blast. Set for the exact 45 degree angle, to intensify the fear factor the target is filled with gunpowder to make blasting sound when struck. You may be feeling pity for the safety of players but Colombian are delighted to witness the massive blow and fire ball sight.

  • Oină of Romania
  • oina

    Ever wondered about the predecessor of one of the world’s top grossing game ‘Baseball’? The answer for this as per history is Oină of Romania. The game is processed since 14th century with usage of rectangular field as playing area, 11 players in both the sides. Player use narrower bats than baseball and target the leather ball filled with animal hair. Teams in this game gets points both for offense or defense. Running routes are marked just like baseball with benefits of hitting ball to distance (just like home run). The absurd thing is defense is scored by hitting hard the running player with the leather ball… feel the pain and red mark.

  • Bandy of Russia
  • Bandy

    Russian are known to have best of world’s hockey players, but are you aware of the fact that their national sport is a game that is identical to ice skating but played with ball? The game is called as Bandy, popularity of the weird sport has named it World’s second most popular winter sport. The ice area used to play Bandy matches measured just like soccer field, lots of action, falling and skidding works as fuel of the game.

  • Buzkashi of Afghanistan
  • Buzakshi

    In Persian language buzkashi is translated to ‘goat dragging’ and the objective of the game is its actual meaning. In the game, players specially attempts to grip specially manufactured calf or goat carcass to drag it past the designated goal mark. The more complicated version of the game requires the player to drag the carcass in marked circle beside the goal, during whole possession members are needed to avoid whipping of their horse or even themselves from the opposite team. Both the teams try to steal dead animal away.



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