COTIF CUP 2018: 10-man guarded Indian U 20 side creates memorable dominance over Argentina U 20 with 2-1 victory

August 6, 2018


Historical achievement marked by the Indian U20 side hands over Indian Football’s fan a memorable day, the side guarded by 10 men clinches 2-1 win against Argentina in Cotif Cup 2018 encounter.

Team under the command of Floyd Pinto had so far marked a cold response in the international matches prior to the match against six time U 20 World Cup champions Argentina.

Deepak Tangri (in 4th minute) formed early dominance for India in the game ignites India’s great chances of win in the match. The fire catches more fuel with the phenomenal free kick exercised by Ankiet Jadhav in the 50th minute of the match. With the kick from almost the half past the goal sends a clear message to the World that India’s Young Footballers carries the right caliber.

India showcased great defending game after ensuring early advantages in the game, the side just claimed just 1 goal from the Argentina side in the 72nd minute of the game. Before ending the game with 2-1 win against Argentina.

Pumped with astonishing win, India’s fearless team now want to hush up all the previous losses and want to start a new chapter in the history of Cotif Cup.

Indian side needs to win all the future clashes in the Cotif Cup 2018 in order to reach the later stage of the prestigious International Tournament.

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