Children show evolution of human via dance

March 22, 2019, Noida

DanceDance Competition

Children of Delhi Public School in sector 30 , Noida celebrated annual day.children of nursery and prep took part in the celebrations. In this children dance to express themselves on the topic ‘evolution of human’. In this their journey started from cavemen to men of today’s age and his evolution is shown in a expressive way.

These children show different findings and inventions made by humans like fire, wheel. Except this even the improvements done in the urban world and inventions were also put on the stage. They also show the negative affect of the current inventions on the environment like- forests are being cut, increased pollution were also taken into consideration. With their unique and beautiful skills they gave the message to correctly use the environment and the technique. Principal Kaamini Bhasin said that its important for the progress of children that they know about the culture of the community.

Teachers and students from Switzerland also joined the program. School’s chairman Promod Grover also congratulated children for their performance. DPS Noida management commity members like Veena Sirohi, Sudhita Ghosh, K N khandelval, Arvinnd Verma, Prabhat Verma also joined the program.

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