Child prodigy Jayantika spells magic

June 18, 2018

Vocal MusicClassical Vocal Spell


An entrancing classical vocal spell by a Banaras-based 12-year-old girl, Jayantika Dey, 16-year-old Pariyanshu and their guru Pandit Devashish Dey light up the Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Akademi’s Parampara Concert, virtually sending the receptive audience into scintillating reverie at Tagore Theatre here on Sunday.

The trio supported by Prof Murlidhar Soni on harmonium and Ranjit Dhiman spelt magic each marveling the other by illuminating the horizons of melody with adroit control over Swar lya and tal, renditions of alaap, compositions, bol and aakar sargams to perfection.

Opening up with delineation of raga ‘Marwa’, young Pariyanshu presented ‘Piya morrey anat des’, ‘Saanjh bhayi’ and ‘Sadhey ho suran ko’ in slow, medium and fast paced ‘layas’, respectively.

Prodigious baby Jayantika took the centre stage only to mesmerise the audience with amazing stamina, tonal balance and precise doling out of sargams. She was at her best in ‘Morrey bhaag jaage, ‘Maan moro binti,’ and ‘Nand ghar anand,’ all weaved in ‘raga nand’. Both young performers exhibited potential for professional excellence.

The master Guru Devashish Dhar presented two compositions in raga Shankra with skilled perfection, besides a ‘dadra’. The trio presented raag mala intertwining over dozen ragas. Chief guest guru Ravinder Singh and CSNA chairman Kamal Arora honoured the artistes.

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