CBSE North Zone Swimming Competition 2018: Results for Day 02

September 12, 2018, Meerut, Baghpat, Noida, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Dehradun


Day 02 of the swimming competition also witnessed great response from different category boys and girls. Remaining scheduled swimming competitions of the CBSE North Zone competition commenced successfully at the Vidya Global School, Baghpat Road, Meerut.

Jai Sharma of Khaitan Public School, Ghaziabad and Avrat Sharma of Kothari International School, Noida were the top performer in 400m boys U 19 event. Deepa Yadav of Dehradun Public School, Ghaziabad and Urvi Pansari of Ecole Globale Girls International Dehradun outplayed same event in girls U 19 category.

400m Free Style Boys Under 17 category boys matches named Jatin Tomer DAV Public School Ghaziabad and Garv Kumar of Kothari International School as the ace performer. On the other hand in girls category matches Arya Singh of DPS Sector Gamma 02 Greater Noida claimed top spot followed by Koushaki Singh of Gyaau Shree School Noida.

100m Butterfly Boys Under 14 category named Dhruv Pandey of Kothari International School as the top performer and Vijayant Rajput of Dehradoon Public School of Ghaziabad region as the runner up. The same category girls matches popped up Sneha Patnaik name as the winner from DPS Sec Gamma 02 Noida, followed by Ishita Singh of Lotus Valley International School.

Age group Under 17 categorized Rishyant Singh of DAV Public School Rajinder Nagar Sahibabad as the winner and Sahil Panjwani of Lotus Valley International School Noida claimed runner-up spot. 100m Girls Category Under 17 Butterfly event named Disha Bhandari of DPS Gamma 02 Greater Noida as the ace performer followed by Srishti Rawat of DPS Indirapuram Ghaziabad with the second spot.

100m Butterfly in Under 19 category highlighted Aryan Gupta of Kothari international School as the winner. Agarata Sirohi and Nidhi Yadav of DPS Noida and Dehradun Public School were the top performing girls in the Under 19 age category of the same event.
In the 4X100m Free Style Relay for Boys Under-14 category Aryan, Hridey, Suryansh and Kavyansh of DAV Public School Sahibabad clinched the first position. While Dhruv Pandey, Shradul Singh, Manthan Chawla, Rudransh Jain and Vansh Verma of kothari International School settled for the runner up spot in the event. The 4X100m relay for girls Under 14 announced Soham, Ishani, Annanya and Arushi as the winner from DPS Noida. Shruti Gupta, Ishita Singh, Shrishti Gupta, Prisha Panjwani of Lotus Valley International School claimed the runner-up spot in the competition.

4X100m relay for Boys U 19 category named Uday, Jai Sharma, Mohnish Singh and Raryan Rana of Khaitan Public School as the winner. Aryan Gupta, Avirat Sharma, Ishan Sharma and Arjun Batra of Kothari International School were the second spot achiever. The same event for Under 14 Girls announced Aastha, Shreya, Ayonika Bhattacharya and Diya Tyagi of Khaitan School as the winner. Anoushka, Urvi Rechelle and Anusha Aggarwal were the runner up of the competition.

800m Free-Style event for Boys Under 17 named Garv Kumar of Kothari International School as the winner and Jatin Tomer of DAV School Ghaziabad as the second spot gainer. In the Girls Category Under 17 event Arya Singh of DPS Sec Gamma 02 Greater Noida attained the top spot followed by Kaushaki Singh of Gyan Shri P.S Noida.

The 200m back stroke event for boys Under19 category Rahul Lamba of DPS Noida claimed the top spot followed by Udai Tulsian of Khaitan Public School. Back Stroke competitions for Girls Under 19 Nidhi Yadav of Dehradun Public School Ghaziabad won the competition followed by Agrata Sirohi of DPS Noida.

200m event for U 17 Boys competition highlighted Garv Kumar of Kothari International School, Noida as winner and Manav Verma of DAV Public School Sahibabad as the second spot gainer. In the same event for girls U 17 category Arya Singh of DPS Greater Noida along with Shrishti Rawat if DPS Ghaziabad claimed the top two spots.

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School: Delhi Public School, Kothari International School, Step by Step School, Khaitan Public School, Dehradun Public School, Ecole Globale International Girls School, DAV Public School, Delhi Public School, Gyanshree School, Gyanshree School, Lotus Valley International School

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