Blue Team surpasses Green Team’s challenge to win Cricket Match

August 9, 2018, Faridabad


Heritage global School located in the Dhauj region of Faridabad organised one-day cricket match tournament on Wednesday. In the event, all the working staff of the school registered their participation in the tournament. In the tournament all the staff of the school were classified in Blue and green teams of the school.

Abha Rawal was the captain of Blue Team and on the other side Pramila Nagar managed the Green Team in the tournament. School’s principal Rakhi Verma wished great luck for both the teams at the start of the tournament.

Blue Team won the toss and the team decided to bat first in the match, the Green team played for 15 overs in the match and contributed total 204 runs in the match. Blue Team easily chased down the offered target in just 13 over and credited the win for the crucial match for the side.

School: Heritage Global School

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