Billabong and Amity won the one sided matches

April 26, 2019, Noida


Two matches of cricket were played on Thursday for SM Memorial Trophy. In the first match Billabong defeated Bharatram Global School and in the second match, Amity defeated Vanasthali Public School in a one-sided match. Billabong School bat first and made score of 198 runs. Aryan Acharya batted with a fine batting innings of 98 runs.Tanav Maggu also scored 64 runs while batting in batting. The Bharat Ram School team could only manage 132 runs. Aryan, who performed brilliantly with the bat, showed the path of pavilion to 2 batsmen of the rival team. Kartikeya dismissed 3 batsmen. In another match Amity School defeated Vanasthali Public School by 117 runs. Amity’s Rishil Pandey made 62 runs and Dev Khunja made 52 runs. Compared to Amity School’s 164 runs, the team of Vanasthali was all out for 47 runs.

School: Billabong High International School, Amity International School, Vanasthali Public School

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