Bhavya Singhmar star of the day, at on going All India Lawn tennis championship

March 27, 2019, Faridabad

Lawn Tennislawn tennis

All India Lawn tennis championship is going on in the play ground in sector – 12, Faridabad. In which U-14 and U-16 both girls and boys categories are there and on Tuesday lot of matches took place. Trainer Sanjay Singhmar told that in U-14 category Shruti Allahabat defeat Jesmeen Rawat, Nisha Bharti won over Samayara Malik and Masha ravi defeat Tina Sharma.

In U-16 category Bhavya Singhmar show his skills and won over Aarav Chawla by 6-1, 6-0. 2nd round was played between Bhatar and Yathart in which Bhatar won. Aditya defeat Himant, Sachin defeat Aditya, Maesha defeat Anushka. Urvashi defeat Vamika by 7-3, 6-4. Tejhas defeat Karan 6-0, 6-1.

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