Bal Bharti PS, Ganga Ram is overall champion

August 25, 2017

YMCA inter-school swimming championships


Bal Bharti Public School, Ganga Ram emerged the overall winner of the YMCA inter-school swimming championships, which concluded here on Thursday.

St. Columba’s School claimed the overall boys’ team championship while Bal Bharti School, Pitampura was the winner of the team championship in the girls section.

The results (winners only):

Boys, Group I: 50m freestyle: Tushar Mudgal (Bal Bharti PS, Ganga Ram) 26:43; 100m butterfly: Nischal Malik (Bhatnagar IS) 1:05.32; 50m backstroke: Nanak (Bal Bharti PS) 32;63; 200 IM: Nischay Malik (Bhatnagar IS) 2:23.06.

Group II: 50m freestyle: Achintya Ghoshal (Bal Bharti PS) 25:72; 100m butterfly: Divyansh Arora (St. Columba’s) 1:06.37; 50m backstroke: Upal Majumdar (Bal Bharti PS) 33:81; 200M IM: Anurag Singh (Bal Bharti PS) 2:32:27.

Group III: 50m freestyle: Jai Khandelwal (Bal Bharti Ganga Ram) 30:10; 50m backstroke: Saatvik Khanna (St. Columba’s) 39.14; 200m IM: Bhargav (Bal Bharti PS) 2:37.63.

Group IV: 50m freestyle: Aryaman Jain (Bal Bharti PS, Pitampura) 30:33; 200m IM: Bhagya Gehlot (Bal Bharti PS) 2:50.54.

Group V: 50m freestyle: Dev Raj Gupta (Bal Bharti PS, Dwarka) 35:78; 100m IM: Dhurv Sejwal (Gyan Bharti) 1:33.28.

Girls, Group I: 50m freestyle: Vanshika Sharma (Bal Bharti PS) 33:40; 100m butterfly: Vanshika Sharma (Bal Bharti PS) 1:14.51; 50m backstroke: Gaivina Dhillion (Bal Bharti PS) 41:68; 200m IM: Gaivina Dhillon (Bal Bharti PS) 2:51:36.

Group II: 50m freestyle: Surbhi Sharma (DAV, Pushpanjili) 31:24; 100m IM: Kritika Singh (Bal Bharti PS) 2:45:62.

Group III: 50m freestyle: Jahnavi Choudhry (Bal Bharti PS) 30:02; 50m backstroke: Ankita Haldar (St. Xavier’s) 35:43; 200m IM: Jahnavi Choudhry (Bal Bharti PS) 2:38:57.

Group IV: 200m IM: Nabhiya Yusuf (BVN) 3:00.37; 50m freestyle: Shatakashi Sharma (Indraprastha) 35:17.

Group V: 50m freestyle: Ananya Rawat (Springdales) 36:37; 100m IM: Ananya Rawat (Springdales) 1:38.03.

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