Assam Kho-Kho Association to give extra effort on players fitness

April 22, 2020

Kho KhoAssam Kho-Kho Association


The Assam Kho-Kho Association is planning to organize fitness camp for their players as soon as lockdown will be over and everything starts to return normal. The key officials of the association feel it is essential as players need to gain the fitness level quickly.

Like the other parts of the country sports activities in the State are totally stopped once the lockdown was imposed to tackle COVID-19. Different State sports associations, including the Assam Kho Kho Association, are in touch with their national level players and giving regular advice on their fitness schedule. However all the players in different disciplines are not getting similar facilities and it is the reason that the Assam Kho-Kho Association is considering to take such step.

Talking to The Sentinel the president of the Assam Kho-Kho Association Rajiv Prakash Barua today said, “Once the lockdown was imposed in the country the Assam Olympic Association (AOA) instructed all its affiliated units to monitor the fitness of their players. Even the AOA organized audio conference with the officials of the State sports associations in this regard and instructed them on the steps to be taken to maintain the players’ fitness during the lockdown. All the State associations have followed the instructions. Our secretary Aftab Hussain and the experts of this game are in regular touch with the national level players.”

However Baruah feels it is not sufficient and the association must do something extra on the fitness of the players. “It is quite impossible to monitor the fitness level of entire players of the state. So we have decided to organize a couple of training camps in different parts of the state once the lockdown is completely withdrawn. We will send our experts in those camps. If requires we are also ready to host a couple of tournaments.”

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