Archers amazed spectators with sharp shooting skills

August 20, 2018, Faridabad

ArcheryArchery Championship

37th Edition of Archery Championship played as two days event in the Aggarwal Public School Sector-03 amazed all the spectators joined the competition from the Ballabhgarh district.

The participating players aimed for the perfect shot in their individual challenges of the match. Due to the demise of Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the closing ceremony of the competition was called-off. Sunday’s action-packed matches formed great chances for the young players from the region.

As per the available information, different games under Indian round, Compound round and Recover round were played on the last day of the event. Matches started at 9 AM in the morning and commenced till late evening.

Paricipants of Aggarwal Public School (Sector-3), Rawal International School, Aggarwal College and Rawal Public School dominated the last day matches of the Archery Championship.

Results for the Final Day:

U-9 Indian Round-
First- LuvPreet (Saint Jones School), Second- Lakshya Bhardwaj, Third- Shahan

U-9 Compound Category Round-
First- Shivam Rawat

U-9 Recover Round-
First- Trilok (Aggarwal Public School)

U-14 Indian Round
First- Chirag Mangala (Balaji School), Second- Aditya Kumar, Third Himanshu

U-14 Compound Round
First- Tushar Attri; U 14 Recovery Round- First Kunal Sharma (Rawal Public School, Ballabhgarh), Second-Vishal Sharma (Vidhya Sagar International School), Third- Manish (D.A.V, Ballabhgarh)

U-17 Compound Round
First: Tarun Kumar Dixit (Aggarwal Public School), Second- Himanshu Gupta (Rawal International School), Third- Shubham (Rawal International School)

U-17 Recover Round
First: Aditya Kumar, Second- Amandeep, Third- Nischaya Sharma

School: Aggarwal Public School, Rawal Public School, St. John School, VIdyasagar International School, DAV Public School

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