Ansh races to gold, silver for Naman

December 28, 2019, Chandigarh

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Ansh of Dronacharya House won the 100m dash in the boys’ U-12 category on the second day of the 8th Annual Athletics Meet of Tribune Model School at the Sector 7 Sports Complex here today.

He was followed by house-mates Naman and Shubham in the second and third places, respectively.

In the girls’ U-12 competition, Sakshi and Manini of Dronacharya House won the top-two positions, respectively, in the 100m sprint. Tamanna of Shankracharya House bagged the third position.

Harsh, Vanshika triumph

In the U-17 shot put competition, Harsh Yadav Vishwamitra House won the gold medal in the boy’s category, while Rahul of Chanakya House bagged the silver. Prince of Vishwamitra got the bronze medal.

Vanshika of Shankracharya House, Pushpa of Dronacharya House and Ishita of Shankracharya House won the top-three positions, respectively, in the girls’ category.

Harsh Yadav also won the gold medal in the boys’ U-17 high jump. He was followed by Ayush of Chanakya House in the second place, while Harshveer of Dronacharya House bagged the third position.

Riya shines

In the girls’ U-17 high jump contest, Riya of Chanakya House claimed the gold medal, while Pushpa of Dronacharya House clinched the silver. Vanshika of Shankracharya House secured the bronze medal.

Athletes from Dronacharya House, meanwhile, dominated the field in the boys’ U-14 high jump, with Aditya, Alok and Shahzaman winning the top-three positions, respectively. Janice, also from Dronacharya House, won the gold medal in the girls’ U-14 contest. Shaniya of Chanakya House pocked the silver medal, while her house-mate Khushpreet bagged the bronze.

Sourav finishes on top

In the boys’ U-14 100m dash, Sourav of Vishwamitra House ran to gold. Alok of Dronacharya House claimed the silver, while Prakul of Shankracharya House returned with the bronze medal.

Kritika of Dronacharya House topped the podium in the girls’ U-14 100m sprint. Janice, also from Dronacharya House bagged the second position, while Khushpreet of Chanakya House occupied the third spot.

In the boys’ U-12 400m contest, Ansh and Naman of Dronacharya House won the gold medal and the silver medal, respectively, while Aryan of Shankracharya House picked the bronze medal.

Sakshi wins gold

Sakshi of Dronacharya House ran to 200m gold in the girls’ U-12 competition. Manini and Ishita, also from Dronacharya House, bagged the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

In the girls’ 4x100m relay, Chanakya House girls Vanshika, Dakshita Disha and Khushpreet won the gold medal in the U-14 competition. Ayushi, Mamta, Tamanna and Prisha of Shankracharya House clinched the silver medal, while Divya,

Shivanshi, Gurnoor and Ishmita of Dronacharya House secured the bronze medal.

In the boys’ U-14 4×100 relay competition, Vishwamitra House — Saurav, Harshit, Aradhy and Sachin — claimed the gold medal.

Vansh, Amit, Lavesh and Taukeer of Chanakya House bagged the silver medal, while Laxya, Kapil, Shahzaman and Alok of Dronacharya House pocked the bronze medal.

Vaibhav Dhiman, Parth, Jaspreet and Khusi of Shankracharya House topped the list in the mixed U-17 4x100m relay race. They were followed by Shivansh, Harshveer, Pushpa and Kritika of Dronacharya House in second place, while Rahul, Ayush, Riya and Shruti of Chanakya House finished third.

School: Tribune Model School

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