Annual sport competition held in Legalize Vidyapeeth School

February 28, 2019, Faridabad

Sports, Cricket, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Basketball, Table-Tennis, Tug of WarSports

Annual sport competition took place on Wednesday in Legalize Vidyapeeth School, Faridabad. Inauguration was done by Kuladhipati dr. Pachaswar Gadu. Sports which were the part of the competition: Cricket, Kabaddi, Basketball, Table Tennis, Tug of war, Badminton and Volley Ball. More than 100 students took part in each sports. Names of the team were on the name of states. In Kabaddi, Haryana team defeated Kerala team. In Volley Ball, Hyderabad won from Delhi. In Table Tennis, Delhi won from haryana. In Basketball, Haryana won from Delhi. Delhi won cricket match from 1 run. In Tug of war (girls) Delhi won from Haryana and in tug of war (boys) Haryana won from Delhi. Winner got the medals from chief guest and the authorities.

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