Anadkat Kartavya of Gujarat wins Ayodhana International Chess title

July 20, 2023

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Anadkat Kartavya of Gujarat clinched the 5th Ayodhana International Fide Rating Chess Tournament 2023 title by scoring perfect 9 points from 9 rounds.

Mahindrakar Indrajeet of Maharashtra scored 7.5 points and finished at the second position. Mehta Naitik R of Gujarat also scored 7.5 points and got third position. Rupam Mukherjee of West Bengal, Tanmay Rajbongshi of Assam and Mohit Soni of Bihar also scored 7.5 points each and they were placed fourth, fifth and sixth respectively according to their tie-break score.

The tournament, organized by the Chess Players’ Parents’ Forum, was held from July 11-16 at the Assam Down Town University Auditorium, Panikahiti. A record number of 332 players including one International Master and 175 rated players participated in the tournament.

The total prize money in the competition was Rs 3,50,000 and champion Anadkat Kartavya received Rs 55000 as cash award.

Gitartha Goswami, Member Secretary, SLAC was the chief guest in the closing function. Bandana Dutta, Dean of Studies, Assam Down Town University attended the event as the guest of honor.

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